Silent Hill: Revelação em DVD dia 18 de Abril em Portugal!


Esta notícia é especialmente para os fãs Portugueses por aí! Dia 18 de Abril, ou seja, amanhã, será lançado “Silent Hill: Revelação” em  DVD e Blu-Ray, pela Pris Audiovisuais!



Without anyone knowing, Konami revealed 38 images of Silent Hill: Book Of Memories add-ons that will come with the patch scheduled to be released next tuesday. These screenshots show some of the new features added, such as James Sunderland and Heather Mason skins as well as some new weapons – The Great spear (used by Pyramid Head), a pillow and much more.

Check out more of what is waiting for you in Silent Hill: Book Of Memories DLC to be released March 19th!

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Japanese Trailer

More news from Japan. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D japanese trailer has been released and looks great! I found it much more appealing than the ones released for US. Not only it shows interesting parts of the action and doesn’t bother in trying to reveal too much but it is also edited much more as horror movie trailer than anything else, just like it didn’t happen with the other trailers that personally I didn’t find very interesting.

Looking forward to see more promotion for the Japanese release of the movie!


The White Hunter by Masahiro Ito

whitehunterMasahiro Ito recently shared his latest artwork of Pyramid Head, he did for a Japanese Silent Hill: Book Of Memories campaign. The figure is “another Pyramid Head” the “White Hunter” seen on Silent Hill Origins OST art.

 My new “Белый охотник” for a statue of Japanese SH:BOM campaign. The three prizewinners are going to get this statue. .(The “Белый охотник” is another PH for JP SH:0 ost.)


Happy 1st Birthday Silent Hill: Downpour


One year ago Silent Hill: Downpour, the 8th installment on the series, was released. How would you describe the game?



Japan is getting Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in June!

Here’s the japanese advertise for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, hiting Japan in June. This  banner is extremmelly well done.



Silent Hill: Revelation Deleted scenes

Check out these Silent Hill: Revelation 3D deleted and extended scenes!
Between them you can count with Heather meeting Rose… Find out why they decided to take them off the final cut!




Silent Hill: Revelation vs Silent Hill 3 – An interesting comparison made with images between the movie and it’s source of inspiration


The Concept behind “Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurses”





Hellooo_nurse!Masahiro Ito, Creature, Art and Background designer in Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, shares a bit more of what’s behind some of the concepts used for emblematic creatures on the series, such as the well known Nurses that, after making their appearence in the first Silent Hill movie back in 2006 and more recently on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, released last year, became like trademarks of the franchise.

About “Silent hill 2” Bubble Head Nurse, my originally planned for its head is a semiliquid thing covered with a thin skin like a condom, and it bursts like a water balloon, when it’s shotten.
For the design of its uniform, I had these materials, pictures of the nurse in ”The Exorcist III”, “Jacob’s Ladder” and bondage-inspired fashion’s one, and she wears stockings.
Also, I was thinking a packed blood cells-stand as her weapon, but changed it into a rusted steel pipe. This is homage to the Silent Hill 1.

-Masahiro Ito via Twitter


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