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Here are a few official images released on Silent Hills official website


Akira Yamaoka’s “Rose Cat”


Check out this track composed by Akira Yamaoka for the “World 1-2”, which is an upcoming 20 track album by composers of videogame such as Journey, Mega Man and Silent Hill (of course). It has been released today, May 2.

You can listen to the “Rose Cat” track HERE

Silent Scream

Check out ” Silent Scream”, a original track from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Official Soundtrack!
Vocals by the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D official Soundtrack

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D official soundtrack has already been released digitally!
You’ll be able to hear some impressive tracks composed by Jeff Danna and the well known Akira Yamoaka, as well as Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on a brand new song named “Silent Scream”! How awesome is that?

See the preview HERE

Here’s the track list of the album:

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Original Soundtrack (OST)

01. Silent Hill Revelation
02. Early Birthday Present
03. Armless / The Missionary Attacks
04. Vincent and Heather Open the Box
05. Born and Raised In Silent Hill
06. Heather in the Fog World
07. Alessa’s Mother/No Ordinary Spider
08. Vincent Condemned
09. Master of the Order
10. Red Pyramid / The Nurses
11. The Carousel / Red Pyramid Battles the Missionary
12. Lost Souls
13. Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit)
14. Silent Scream

Akira working on new songs


Alongside with Mary Elizabeth and Troy Baker.

Because the videos aren’t allowed to be shared outside the original source, jere are the direct links to youtube:

Song 1 With Akira Yamaoka and Troy Baker
Song 2 Revolucionwith Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker



Are We Free from the Love Psalm Now?

This adaptation of a Konami image was created by Inner
Would you rewrite your life any way that you please?

The answer is, of course, NO! The Silent Hill Book of Memories soundtrack has been released and we are finally able to listen to great musics composed by Daniel Licht, as well as we can also listen to our beloved Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who’s gladly back to Silent Hill as the amazing vocalist she is.

Ah and getting back to the “Special Guest previously announced, Love Psalm has the participation of the well known Akira Yamaoka, the ex-composer of the series! Enjoy:

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