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Toymunkey and their Delays and Empty Promises

So, lately, in the past few months we’ve been surprised with a line of Silent Hill products, such as high detailed statues from characters and creatures from past games. We’ve seen amazing Pyramid… Continue reading

A word to all Inner Fear followers

Lately, there’s been a huge controversy around the content recently published on the blog’s facebook page, regarding the latest Silent Hill: Revelation 3D TV Spots. The problem then started with an image taken… Continue reading

Richardg234 rants about the Silent Hill fandom

Lately there have been alot of controversy around the latest Twin Perfect’s videos and how the Silent Hill fandom behaves, always tending to create sides inside the fandom itself. Those who have different… Continue reading

Drowned in controversy – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn talks

Silent Hill HD Collection is drowned in controversy, specially about the new Voices. Silent Haven talked to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ( Singer on the soundtracks for the franchise and now Director of the… Continue reading

Silent Hill: HD Collection new voices

Silent Hill: HD Collection has been the target of big controversy because of the new voices.