Are We Free from the Love Psalm Now?

The answer is, of course, NO! The Silent Hill Book of Memories soundtrack has been released and we are finally able to listen to great musics composed by Daniel Licht, as well as we can also listen to our beloved Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who’s gladly back to Silent Hill as the amazing vocalist she is….

The Perk Walk and Bus to Nowhere featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Two Silent Hill Downpour tracks featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn… I was expecting to hear more from the Silent Hill vocalist, who gave her voice to innumerous songs from previous games. That would work much better than Jonathan Davis, but still I’m glad that we could hear Mary’s voice in the soundtrack.

Get two songs from Downpour’s soundtrack before release!

Are you curious to hear Silent Hill Downpour soundtrack? Can’t wait? Well then I have good news for you, you can now purchase two of the tracks through for only £0.69. That means that you won’t have to wait until March 13th to get your hands on the Soundtrack, at least on these two tracks,…

“Jump Monster”

Hear the latest Silent Hill Downpour track released by Milan Records and composed by Daniel Licht!

Hear samples from Silent Hill Downpour in

Curious to hear the soundtrack for the upcoming Silent Hill Downpour? You can now hear the 30 seconds samples through that has them available to public! This way you can know what’s coming and what to expect. So far they look pretty good, Daniel Licht did a great job on the soundtrack as every…

Silent Hill Downpour released track and thoughts

Click HERE to hear the latest Silent Hill Downpour track released! Since I started listening to Silent Hill music, Akira Yamaoka became one of my favourite artist alongside Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Their work in Silent Hill is so unique that, when Akira decided to leave Konami, I was a bit worried about it. At first…