Silent Hill: Book of Memories officially delayed

I must say that I wasn’t specially excited with Silent Hill Book of Memories, unless we’re talking about its soundtrack that totally looks amazing. That’s why I’m probably sad, we’ll have to wait more months to finally hear the new songs, specially Love Psalm featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
Another thing that makes me sad is the fact that Konami wanted, at all costs, release all the Silent Hill games together, and they’ve chosen March to do so, but it seems that Konami wasn’t ready to do such a thing. So I wonder if there was a real reason to release every single game with the difference of just 1 week. I think that it was a bad decision, specially because of the HD Collection, some more time would be important to clear all the issues from this game, however it looks like Konami was too hungry for releases. Now we have two games that were released in a rush because of the Silent month “thing” and Book of Memories is already out of that list, having its release date scheduled to Spring 2012…

All the sense of Silent Hill month is gone…


Silent Hill Downpour officially DELAYED

Silent Hill Downpour has been officially delayed: ”It launches during the first quarter of 2012 – so at some point January to March.” Says Eurogamer. 

It seems that we need to wait some more time until we can experience Murphy Pendleton’s nightmare, as well as it happens with Silent Hill HD Collection whose release date is still a mystery!