Silent Hill: Cold Heart


No, Cold Heart, it’s not a new Silent Hill game, instead it is how Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was suposed to be called. This was shared by Climax Studios via facebook, alongside with many other concept art pieces from Shattered memories as well.



A word to all Inner Fear followers

Lately, there’s been a huge controversy around the content recently published on the blog’s facebook page, regarding the latest Silent Hill: Revelation 3D TV Spots. The problem then started with an image taken by me from the 2nd Silent Hill: Revelation TV Spot. The thing is that the admin from a Silent Hill fan page came claming rights on the screenshot I actually took on my own PC, all this based on the fact that his page shared that SH:R promo before and also took an image from the same shot.

Why did I take this image? The answer is easy. It was a brand new creature from the upcoming Silent Hill 2 movie. Wanted to share it with you, but sources were misunderstood.

Here is the comparison between the two images:

You may compare both images and realize that they are clearly different, however, because they are both from the same shot in a trailer, mine was considered “STOLEN”. The fact is that both images were taken from a public video, available worldwide, which means that none of us hold rights on the trailer, so anyone is free to take as many printscreens as they wish. And this rule won’t change because one of us posted the video first.

Of course the images are similar, as I stated previously, they are both taken from the same shot on the same trailer. So, based on the fact that that same shot has about 2 seconds, it’s totally normal that equal images might appear, because of the frame rate rule. Otherwise read the explanation:

Frame rate (also known as frame frequency) is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames. The term applies equally well to film andvideo cameras, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. Frame rate is most often expressed in frames per second (FPS) and is also expressed in progressive scan monitors as hertz(Hz).


This trailer has 25 frames per second, which means that each second on the video is built by 25 images. So, if the shot from where the images were taken, had 2 seconds, that would mean it was built by 50 images (frames). You can imagine how similar would the images be at a certain point, right? If not, you can try to do the test on an Editing Software.

Now, the worst part of all this was the fact that the same admin of the page that claimed rights on an image he didn’t own, claimed those same rights right in Inner Fear’s facebook, publicly for everyone to see it and read calumnies without foundation.Unfortunately I didn’t take any screenshot of the post, as the author decided to delete it on time. And so he did with other comments on another post on the page.

Of course that, if that guy had came to me and explain his point, I’d understand and try to reach an agreement civilly, but As you might understand I couldn’t let this episode pass forgotten and I made my point clear on the other guy’s page. I basicaly made clear that my job on this blog is based on clarity as you can testify, and also said how I’d hope that those kind of episodes would never happened again. I didn’t get any answer on that and for some days everything was calm and I actually didn’t think more about this. It was like everyone got back to their normal lifes. At least I did it.

However this situation just got worse when I, after some days, [finally] got an answer from another admin on their page. The answer was clearly rude, forgiving the other admin’s behaviour on my page, and actually giving him reason, still defending that I actually stole content from their page. I can still quote stuff like: “I’m not dumb” and many other stuff. – Again, I cannot show you the records because, like before, the page purposely deleted it. Still, it was available to everyone to read for some time.

In the meanwhile, the same page decided to share Silent Hill: Revelation 3D images on my facebook page wall, showing therefore an extremmelly provocative attitude.  I made clear that I didn’t share that image on the page yet, so I’d hope they weren’t preparing to claim rights AGAIN, specially after reading the hostil answer they gave me before.

So this is the part when things just got better (or not). My comment to their image shared on MY page, gave origin to a bunch of insultuous comments and offensive language.

So basically you can read insults after insults, with no foundation.
Things like:  “I wasn’t online that morning” and my “200 likes or some bullshit” serve as reason to insult me for what I’ve already reported to you on the previous points of this post.

The rest talks for its own… It’s sad to see this kind of stuff happening without apparent reason. Everything because two different images taken from the same video. Konami, DCP and Open Road own the rights of that images, so it’s their job to judge if I took a printscreen from their video that was made public for EVERYONE WORLDWIDE. In the meanwhile there are people that waste their time flamming and spreading rage for free!

For over one year I kept this page running and I NEVER had any kind of issues with this kind of stuff (copyright infrigements etc) and you can testify that. For over one year I always kept my convictions straight to the point of this blog – sharing everything Silent Hill related and build a place of reference to Silent Hill fans. Of course I cannot be 24Hours connected, specially for personal reasons that I actually said on the blog. Plus, if those persons like to treat their “LIKES” as garbage, I don’t. I’ll keep working to anyone who wants to read this blog and join its social networks!  Is that a crime? I don’t think so, but still it is good enough to have people criticizing and insulting. I’m okay with it.

It’s just sad to see this lack of integrity and It’s interesting how some more pages were targets of this rage. As you were able to read on the image above and in the image below:

Because this page shared some images I’ve taken from the 3rd SH:R TV Spot , it also got some reactions from the same people that bombed Inner Fear.

We all like to be recognized for what we are, what we do, what we create. But we aren’t the owners of the world, so the best thing to do is to create something we can call ours.

–Since the people in question weren’t worried to measure words in public, slandering MY blog, I decided not to disguise what they already made public.

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