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Silent Hill: Cold Heart

No, Cold Heart, it’s not a new Silent Hill game, instead it is how Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was suposed to be called. This was shared by Climax Studios via facebook, alongside with… Continue reading

A word to all Inner Fear followers

Lately, there’s been a huge controversy around the content recently published on the blog’s facebook page, regarding the latest Silent Hill: Revelation 3D TV Spots. The problem then started with an image taken… Continue reading

Choose the next Inner Fear’s Facebook image!

Hey guys Inner Fear is giving you the oportunity to choose the next Inner Fear’s image on Facebook. There are 8 different versions of them, each one featuring one character from each game. … Continue reading

Overdose Delusion

Only two people know what really happened on the set; me and Monica. Before James suffocates Mary, he first bends gently over her, kisses her forehead, and says “I love you.” -Guy Cihi… Continue reading