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That’s it, Inner Fear now has a section entirely dedicated to Fans! A bigger place where you can share your fan works such as artwork, crafts, cosplay, videos, short films, and anything else… Continue reading

FAN ART – Flauros Geek Photo

Don’t know how many of you already know “Flauros  Geek Photo”, but, if you don’t,you should really take a look at amazing works inspired by many games, where Silent Hill is strongly included!… Continue reading

Historical Society #1

Welcome to Inner Fear’s Historical Society, a place specially dedicated to Silent Hill fan art. Do you like to draw, do you have Silent Hill-related works you’d like to show to the world?… Continue reading

“Misty day, remains of the Judgment”

The famous painting that appeared in Silent Hill’s Historical Society, during Jame’s nightmare, featuring Pyramid Head, has now its real life version and a wall in a gallery!