That’s it, Inner Fear now has a section entirely dedicated to Fans! A bigger place where you can share your fan works such as artwork, crafts, cosplay, videos, short films, and anything else you might be interested in sharing! It’s bigger than the old Historical Society section we had here before, that was only based on posts lost in the site’s archives. This time all the works will be available in only one page, working as a wide database.

Now, let’s talk about how to send your works:

 It’s very simple. All you need to do is drop us a line with the link of the internet place where your work is. It’s important that it’s already uploaded on the internet because it makes it easier to publish on the website.

It’s also important that your art is based on Silent Hill universe, we are a Silent Hill website so it makes sense that we are looking for things related to it. Always remember that we won’t accept works with mature/nudity/sexual contents, and every submitted work will be checked before publish.

Again, when you have selected the work you’d like to see published on ‘Inner Fear’, you can submitt it through:

Inner Fear Official Facebook Page

Inner Fear Official Twitter Account

and of course, through here, by posting a comment with your work’s link!

Take a look at the new “FAN STATION“!

Don’t forget to send your fan art!


FAN ART – Flauros Geek Photo


Don’t know how many of you already know “Flauros  Geek Photo”, but, if you don’t,you should really take a look at amazing works inspired by many games, where Silent Hill is strongly included!

The photos are really good, they feature some well known items from the games, recreating, very well, the original mood. I’m pretty sure youll recognize most of these things!

Again, visit Flauros- Geek Photography and crafts  page to see more works!

Remember that, if you also have Fan Art that you’d like to see published on Inner Fear, you can submit it through email ( or through our facebook page!

Historical Society #1

Welcome to Inner Fear’s Historical Society, a place specially dedicated to Silent Hill fan art. Do you like to draw, do you have Silent Hill-related works you’d like to show to the world? is the e-mail adress you should send your art to! I’ll be expecting your entries!

This is the first official Inner Fear Historical Society and I must say that I’m impressed with the skills of the fans who submitted their work this week. Inspiration didn’t fail and what we can see are great representations of Silent Hill through different artistic methods.
It’s great to see the entries and share with other people their Silent Hill passion, expressing through art.

Get ready:
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