Silent Hill 3 won’t keep the original voices

Lately, appeared thousands of iniciatives to track Heather Morris, voice actress of Heather Mason (SH3) however, it seems that it doesn’t matter if Konami finds a way to contact Heather, the future of Silent Hill 3 on this HD Collection is to get the new voices. Sad news to the fans that won’t experience this 3rd title with the Original cast.
Guy Cihi said some words about this fact:

Guy Cihi’s update about meeting with Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky

As you may remember, last week or so, Guy, Dave and Monica met Tomm and Devin from Konami, in order to discuss more stuff about the upcoming Silent Hill: HD Collection, specially regarding the return of the original voices. Today, Guy Cihi posted an update about that same meeting, check it out.

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With Guy Cihi (James) and David Schaufele (Eddie) at a fun dinner in LA with a couple great Konami guys (Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett) …Guy brought some original games for us to sign…lots of talk about how awesome the fans are!

– Monica Taylor Horgan on her facebook-

                                                                 Monica Taylor Horgan and Guy Cihi

                        (source: Guy Cihi’s facebook)

Guy Cihi meeting Tomm Hulett this week

”I’ll find out more when I meet the producer, Tomm Hulett, next week in L.A. Wish me luck! I’ve invited him and his team out for pizza and beer. Eddie and Maria will be there (Dave and Monica). I wonder if Pyramid Head will show up? Maybe if I fly him in?”

– Guy Cihi on this facebook-

Overdose Delusion

Only two people know what really happened on the set; me and Monica. Before James suffocates Mary, he first bends gently over her, kisses her forehead, and says “I love you.”

-Guy Cihi on his facebook-

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