AKIRA YAMAOKA – Interview in Spain at Play Fest [by Elisa Fortes]

Elisa Fortes interviewed Akira Yamaoka last weekend in Spain, check it out:

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Exclusive Interview with Kristin Price (Voice Actress for Anne Cunningham in Downpour)

This is a very special entry on the blog, I recently had the honor to talk with Kristin Price, voice actress for Anne Cunningham, the enigmatic Police Officer  from Silent Hill Downpour, and she kindly accepted to take the interview.

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Interview with Devin Shatsky and Andy Pang

Entrevista Exclusiva com os produtores de Silent Hill Downpour

I had the great oportunity to interview Devin Shatsky and Andy Pang (Konami and Vatra respectively) for another website I work on: Xbox Team Portugal,  and they accepted to answer to a couple of questions regarding the upcoming Silent Hill Downpour!

Here’s the link to the interview, it’s in Portuguese, so I’ll be posting a translated version soon!
[Interview Here!] 

“Laura Speaks! An Interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge”

“Ha! You’re just a gutless fatso.”- Laura

Fresh off our Stargate coverage, I’m pleased to present to you an interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge, the voice behind Laura in Silent Hill 2. Much like Heather Morris, Jacquelyn has remained under the gaming radar since her time spent in Silent Hill. Now, just over a decade later, Jacquelyn’s story can finally be told. A huge thanks to the great Jeremy Blaustein for getting me in touch with her.  With Jeremy getting me in touch with Jacquelyn, and me getting him back in touch with Heather, I think we’re even. Finally, a huge thanks to Jacquelyn for allowing me to interview her. It was a real pleasure.  Thank you! Everyone else, please enjoy.

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Interview with Monica Taylor Horgan (Voice actress for Mary/Maria)

 Inner Fear recently had the oportunity to contact Monica Taylor Horgan, voice actress for Mary and Maria in Silent Hill 2, who did the most memorable performance in Silent Hill’s history, being the most dificult voice to replace on this new HD Collection because I’m sure that the fans won’t forget the amazing work she did. Monica Horgan kindly shared with us a recent interview with another silent hill website – Silent Haven.

Therefore you can read that same interview right away, shared by Monica Horgan, who I’d like to thank for her kind attention.

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