Silent Scream

Check out ” Silent Scream”, a original track from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Official Soundtrack! Vocals by the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Advertisements

Akira working on new songs

  Alongside with Mary Elizabeth and Troy Baker. Because the videos aren’t allowed to be shared outside the original source, jere are the direct links to youtube: Song 1 With Akira Yamaoka and Troy Baker Song 2 Revolucion – with Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker    

Are We Free from the Love Psalm Now?

The answer is, of course, NO! The Silent Hill Book of Memories soundtrack has been released and we are finally able to listen to great musics composed by Daniel Licht, as well as we can also listen to our beloved Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who’s gladly back to Silent Hill as the amazing vocalist she is….

Troy Baker won’t be the special guest in Love Psalm

I recently posted that Troy Baker would be the Love Psalm special guest that Tomm Hulett refered in SHC, however it seems that I was wrong, Troy Baker, the new voice actor for James Sunderland, won’t make part of Love Psalm, so who’s the mysterious guest? Any suggestions? The special guest is not Troy Baker…

Troy Baker to make part of Silent Hill Book of Memories Soundtrack

Some time ago we had the confirmation, by Troy Baker, that he would be present in Book of Memories’ Soundtrack, alongside with the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. The refered song will be “Love Psalm”, an adaptation of the song with the same name from Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack, composed by Akira Yamaoka. This was…

The Perk Walk and Bus to Nowhere featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Two Silent Hill Downpour tracks featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn… I was expecting to hear more from the Silent Hill vocalist, who gave her voice to innumerous songs from previous games. That would work much better than Jonathan Davis, but still I’m glad that we could hear Mary’s voice in the soundtrack.

“…Yes, I recorded two songs for Downpour. Hopefully they’ll make it into the game! You never know… “ Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Silent Hill Downpour released track and thoughts

Click HERE to hear the latest Silent Hill Downpour track released! Since I started listening to Silent Hill music, Akira Yamaoka became one of my favourite artist alongside Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Their work in Silent Hill is so unique that, when Akira decided to leave Konami, I was a bit worried about it. At first…

Drowned in controversy – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn talks

Silent Hill HD Collection is drowned in controversy, specially about the new Voices. Silent Haven talked to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ( Singer on the soundtracks for the franchise and now Director of the new Voice performances for this HD Collection ). See what she had to say…