The origin of “Pyramid Head”

Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creature design on Silent Hill 2, has recently shared with us, via twitter, the true origin of the well known Pyramid Head. This emblematic creature was designed based on a picture made by Masahiro Ito himself back in his “art university student days”, 18 years ago.

Here’s the picture:



Ito’s Bubble Head Nurses

Bubble Head

In the past few months, there have been some high detailed sculted statues from some well known creatures from Silent Hill 2. Iam talking, of course, about Pyramid Head and Bubble Head nurses.342306-1

However, after the release of the classic versions of those statues, GECCO is releasing new alternate versions, such as Masahiro Ito’s one, a variant from the conventional Bubble Head with original differences such as ” Crimson thight-high boots” which recreates the classic look of the creature once designed by Ito himself, who wanted to keep her very true to the SH2 Original model face.

“This statue is based on a this box art
and I asked to be very true to the SH2 original model face and to change its thigh-high boots color to crimson.”
(Masahiro Ito via Twitter)

This is certainly, more than anything else, a piece of art worth getting, specially when it was designed by the creative mind behind Silent Hill most terrific creatures. Here’s a gallery with some captions of the statue

By Gecco(ゲッコウ)


Exclusive Masahiro Ito’s explanation about Bubble Head Nurse true meaning


Many theories have been given about the meaning of Bubble Head Nurses. However, Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creatures of Silent Hill 2, comes with a true explanation about some details that not everyone might see in the game while fighting these ominous nurses.

Masahiro Ito shared the following statement with us, via twitter:

Ah…yes, it’s representative of suffocated invalid Mary’s swallen head. The nurse in SH2, she shakes her head like struggling to shake off the covered vinyl. But I don’t mind that player will notice this point or not. Because it’s very difficult to notice. 🙂

(when asked if “Also would it be safe to assume from your tweet, that the nurse is representative of the event when James suffocated Mary?)

The White Hunter by Masahiro Ito

whitehunterMasahiro Ito recently shared his latest artwork of Pyramid Head, he did for a Japanese Silent Hill: Book Of Memories campaign. The figure is “another Pyramid Head” the “White Hunter” seen on Silent Hill Origins OST art.

 My new “Белый охотник” for a statue of Japanese SH:BOM campaign. The three prizewinners are going to get this statue. .(The “Белый охотник” is another PH for JP SH:0 ost.)

The Concept behind “Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurses”





Hellooo_nurse!Masahiro Ito, Creature, Art and Background designer in Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, shares a bit more of what’s behind some of the concepts used for emblematic creatures on the series, such as the well known Nurses that, after making their appearence in the first Silent Hill movie back in 2006 and more recently on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, released last year, became like trademarks of the franchise.

About “Silent hill 2” Bubble Head Nurse, my originally planned for its head is a semiliquid thing covered with a thin skin like a condom, and it bursts like a water balloon, when it’s shotten.
For the design of its uniform, I had these materials, pictures of the nurse in ”The Exorcist III”, “Jacob’s Ladder” and bondage-inspired fashion’s one, and she wears stockings.
Also, I was thinking a packed blood cells-stand as her weapon, but changed it into a rusted steel pipe. This is homage to the Silent Hill 1.

-Masahiro Ito via Twitter

Silent Hill exhibition in Paris [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Check out a video of this exhibition in Paris, kindly shared by  alexleserveur

Did you know that a Silent Hill Exhibition is taking place in Paris – France?
It started November 29 and will remain open for public until December 20 at Galerie Chappe, 4 Rue Andre Barsacq 75018 Paris.

This exhibition is composed by Masahiro Ito Original artworks, featuring the well known Pyramid Head and other emblematic characters and creatures from Silent Hill. You can also see works by Hans Bellmer, Joel Peter Witkin, H.R. Giger, Pierre Molinier and Francis Bacon.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:

If you’re near Paris, you cannot miss this opportunity!


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