Ito’s Bubble Head Nurses

In the past few months, there have been some high detailed sculted statues from some well known creatures from Silent Hill 2. Iam talking, of course, about Pyramid Head and Bubble Head nurses. However, after the release of the classic versions of those statues, GECCO is releasing new alternate versions, such as Masahiro Ito’s one,…

Exclusive Masahiro Ito’s explanation about Bubble Head Nurse true meaning

Many theories have been given about the meaning of Bubble Head Nurses. However, Masahiro Ito, the creative mind behind the creatures of Silent Hill 2, comes with a true explanation about some details that not everyone might see in the game while fighting these ominous nurses. Masahiro Ito shared the following statement with us, via…

The Concept behind “Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurses”

        Masahiro Ito, Creature, Art and Background designer in Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, shares a bit more of what’s behind some of the concepts used for emblematic creatures on the series, such as the well known Nurses that, after making their appearence in the first Silent Hill movie back in…

Happy 11th birthday, Silent Hill 2!

Considered, by many, the best game on the series, Silent Hill 2 completes its 11th birthday. Happy Birthday James Sunderland! Which was your favourite Silent Hill 2 moment?

Silent Hill 2 and 3 The Movie

Check out this two movies version of Silent Hill 2 and 3 games, professionally edited by Twin Perfect Check them out, totally worth it!

“Laura Speaks! An Interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge”

“Ha! You’re just a gutless fatso.”- Laura Fresh off our Stargate coverage, I’m pleased to present to you an interview with Jacquelyn Breckenridge, the voice behind Laura in Silent Hill 2. Much like Heather Morris, Jacquelyn has remained under the gaming radar since her time spent in Silent Hill. Now, just over a decade later, Jacquelyn’s story…

Featured: Silent Hill: Anniversary

“Trailer for the incoming Silent Hill: Anniversary short fan film(non-profit). Based on the Silent Hill 2 video game.” Also check the official page on Facebook Here!  

Original Voice Acting Confirmed for Silent Hill 2 in HD Collection!

We’re proud to announce that Silent Hill HD Collection will offer an option for original voices in Silent Hill 2.  This means fans and newcomers alike can experience the classic horror tale remastered with modern voice performances; as well as the original recordings from 2001.  Producer Devin Shatsky and I have been striving to make…

With Guy Cihi (James) and David Schaufele (Eddie) at a fun dinner in LA with a couple great Konami guys (Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett) …Guy brought some original games for us to sign…lots of talk about how awesome the fans are! – Monica Taylor Horgan on her facebook-                                                   …

Best choice for SH2 HD Voices!

Noisy Hill is a funny parody about Silent Hill, with original speeches based on the real ones and with new noisy voices. There’s no other video that fits better the situation Silent Hill HD Collection is living!

Overdose Delusion

Only two people know what really happened on the set; me and Monica. Before James suffocates Mary, he first bends gently over her, kisses her forehead, and says “I love you.” -Guy Cihi on his facebook-