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Heather Statue – A Closer Look

Mamegyorai have posted  new HQ images of  Heatherstatue from Gecco/Toymunkey Studios, take a look!

My Rotoscoping of Heather Mason

Check out the rotoscoping I’ve done of Heather, only featuring 3 seconds for academic purposes.

Silent Hill 2 and 3 The Movie

Check out this two movies version of Silent Hill 2 and 3 games, professionally edited by Twin Perfect Check them out, totally worth it!

Silent Hill 3 HD Gameplay revealed (Hear the new Heather and Douglas!)

Original Voice Acting Confirmed for Silent Hill 2 in HD Collection!

We’re proud to announce that Silent Hill HD Collection will offer an option for original voices in Silent Hill 2.  This means fans and newcomers alike can experience the classic horror tale remastered… Continue reading

Silent Hill 3 HD Screenshots were finally released BUT…

… there’s something wrong, and you’ll see what’s wrong with these images.                        Poor Heather…