Silent Hill Franchise Release Update

Coming in 2012 to the US, Silent Hill HD Collection on January 24th,

Silent Hill Hill Book of Memories in February

SH:D Logo from U.S CoverSilent Hill Downpour in March!


New Silent Hill: Book of Memories Images

IGN recently posted new images of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and in these new images we are able to recognize some of the monsters as well as one character that will make part of Silent Hill Downpour: Howard!

So far the monsters that you’ll be encountering in Silent Hill: Book of Shadows are: The Butcher (Origins), a Lying figure(?-SH2)), Valtiel, Silent Hill 3 Nurses and dogs, The cancer (SH3),Homecoming Nurses, Some kind of bat that resembles the same creature on SH1, Schisms from SH:Homecoming, more nurses (this time from SH2) and Needlers (SH:Homecoming)

Source: IGN