Revealed Silent Hill Book of Memories’ European boxart

The european version of Silent Hill Book of Memories’ boxart seems to be pretty different from what we’ve seen in the American one. Despide of being pretty different, when talking about the design and concept, I personally find  them interesting.

Both designs feature an open book, making a direct reference to its title “Book of Memories”, however, while the US version has two weird black hands coming out from the pages, Europe decides to make a different aproach, featuring a boy, I’d say, very concentrated writing in a book in a desk that it’s actually on top of another book, this time much bigger that is open showing some mysterious elements shining – The Book of Memories.

Ah well, enough of  Interpretation, Silent Hill Book of Memories doesn’t have an official date yet, it’s just known that it will be released Spring 2012… In the meanwhile, its soundtrack, composed by Daniel Licht, is already for sale on, make sure you purchase  it, sounds wonderfull and contains two songs featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on vocals!


Troy Baker won’t be the special guest in Love Psalm

I recently posted that Troy Baker would be the Love Psalm special guest that Tomm Hulett refered in SHC, however it seems that I was wrong, Troy Baker, the new voice actor for James Sunderland, won’t make part of Love Psalm, so who’s the mysterious guest? Any suggestions?

The special guest is not Troy Baker
– Tomm Hulett-

The special guest is not Troy Baker, and I’m glad that he isn’t the one, not that I don’t like him as a singer, but I was expecting only Mary Elizabeth, so I guess that I’m afraid to be disappointed. Still, if he was the special guest, that would be okay, I actually enjoyed the Shadows of the Damned theme, just not sure if that would fit Silent Hill, because, from what I was able to see in the live performances, Mary’s and Troy’s voices didn’t  fit at all – that’s my opinion.

Well, many people also refere the well known Joe Romersa, will he make his return to the series sharing the vocals with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn? That could be possible and personally I’d like that to happen, his tracks from previous games are very nice, as well as the lyrics he wrote to the songs by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The 30 seconds preview of the song sounded great, not only because it’s an adaptation of my favourite music in the series but also because it brings back Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, someone I’ve missed alot in Downpour soundtrack. Glad that Book of Memories will have at least two songs with her, Love Psalm and Now We’re free, that also looks amazing – however I’d highlight the first one, no doubt about it!

What do you think about the soundtrack? In you’re opinion who’s the special guest.

Source: Silent Hill Community

Troy Baker to make part of Silent Hill Book of Memories Soundtrack

Some time ago we had the confirmation, by Troy Baker, that he would be present in Book of Memories’ Soundtrack, alongside with the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The refered song will be “Love Psalm”, an adaptation of the song with the same name from Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack, composed by Akira Yamaoka. This was known after the producer Tomm Hulett said, in Silent Hill Community, that that very same song was having a special guest.

Love Psalm has another special guest as well.


Silent Hill: Book of Memories officially delayed

I must say that I wasn’t specially excited with Silent Hill Book of Memories, unless we’re talking about its soundtrack that totally looks amazing. That’s why I’m probably sad, we’ll have to wait more months to finally hear the new songs, specially Love Psalm featuring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
Another thing that makes me sad is the fact that Konami wanted, at all costs, release all the Silent Hill games together, and they’ve chosen March to do so, but it seems that Konami wasn’t ready to do such a thing. So I wonder if there was a real reason to release every single game with the difference of just 1 week. I think that it was a bad decision, specially because of the HD Collection, some more time would be important to clear all the issues from this game, however it looks like Konami was too hungry for releases. Now we have two games that were released in a rush because of the Silent month “thing” and Book of Memories is already out of that list, having its release date scheduled to Spring 2012…

All the sense of Silent Hill month is gone…

My thoughts on the upcoming Silent Hill games

2012 seems to be the Silent Hill year. What’s better for a fan than have three/four games being released plus the so desired movie sequel? I must say that I’m specially looking forward to get my hands on the HD Collection that will bring us Silent Hill 2 and 3 back with remastered graphics plus new voice cast.  It’s okay that I already played these two games (multiple times as well) but as fan, having the chance to experience them again, this time with better visuals and brand new voices will bring a whole new feeling that I must get!

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Silent Hill Experienced Podcast #20!

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