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Twin Perfect “Silent Hill HD Collection Review (TRSHE )


Xbox 360 won’t get the HD Collection Patch

That’s it, the patch that was recently released for Playstation 3 with the goal of solving the well known technical problems of Silent Hill: HD Collection, won’t make its way into the Xbox… Continue reading

Konami working on patches for Downpour and HD Collection

Silent Hill fans, we are currently aware that many users have encountered technical issues while playing Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill Downpour. Development teams are currently creating online patches for both… Continue reading

Silent Hill HD Collection review by Cameron Rogers

Inner Fear recieved another Silent Hill HD Collection review, this time written by Cameron Rogers. Check out his opinion about the collection that gathers Silent Hill 2 and 3 together in one disc,… Continue reading

Silent Hill HD Collection review by Elisa Fortes

Silent Hill HD Collection, along side with Downpour, was released last week in Europe and Elisa Fortes, from Spain,  decided to write a review showing her thoughts about the game, thoughts that many… Continue reading

Tomm Hulett on the new Silent Hill HD Collection voices

Tomm Hulett talks about the new HD Collection voice cast: My primary responsibility on the project was handling the voice recording.  It was really fun–kind of a blast to my past at Atlus,… Continue reading

New Silent Hill HD Collection trailer

Very similar to the first trailed revealed few months ago.