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Japan is getting Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in June!

Here’s the japanese advertise for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, hiting Japan in June. This  banner is extremmelly well done.

Silent Hill: Revelation Deleted scenes

Check out these Silent Hill: Revelation 3D deleted and extended scenes! Between them you can count with Heather meeting Rose… Find out why they decided to take them off the final cut!  … Continue reading

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Blue-Ray and DVD release date revealed!

The release date of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on Blue-Ray 3D  and DVD has been revealed, as well as its cover art, featuring the Pyramid Head seen in the movie, in fact, it… Continue reading

Antestreia de Silent Hill: Revelação em Portugal

Este post é especialmente para todos os fãs portugueses que pertencem ao blog! Pois é, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D chega a Portugal já no próximo dia 22 de Novembro, com o nome de… Continue reading

Silent Hill: Revelação 3D coming to Portuguese theaters

I’m extremmelly excited to see Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on theaters, here in Portugal, being released on November 22, only 10 days left! I’m glad this time we won’t have to wait over… Continue reading

Silent Scream

Check out ” Silent Scream”, a original track from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Official Soundtrack! Vocals by the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn!

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D official Soundtrack

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D official soundtrack has already been released digitally! You’ll be able to hear some impressive tracks composed by Jeff Danna and the well known Akira Yamoaka, as well as Mary… Continue reading