Akira working on new songs

  Alongside with Mary Elizabeth and Troy Baker. Because the videos aren’t allowed to be shared outside the original source, jere are the direct links to youtube: Song 1 With Akira Yamaoka and Troy Baker Song 2 Revolucion – with Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker     Advertisements

Troy Baker won’t be the special guest in Love Psalm

I recently posted that Troy Baker would be the Love Psalm special guest that Tomm Hulett refered in SHC, however it seems that I was wrong, Troy Baker, the new voice actor for James Sunderland, won’t make part of Love Psalm, so who’s the mysterious guest? Any suggestions? The special guest is not Troy Baker…

Troy Baker to make part of Silent Hill Book of Memories Soundtrack

Some time ago we had the confirmation, by Troy Baker, that he would be present in Book of Memories’ Soundtrack, alongside with the well known Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. The refered song will be “Love Psalm”, an adaptation of the song with the same name from Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack, composed by Akira Yamaoka. This was…

New Silent Hill song?

“Well hopefully you also like the new song Mary Elizabeth and I did. ;-)” Source:Troy Baker This means that Silent Hill: Book of Memories is getting a new song with vocals by Troy Baker and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn