Original Voice Acting Confirmed for Silent Hill 2 in HD Collection!

We’re proud to announce that Silent Hill HD Collection will offer an option for original voices in Silent Hill 2.  This means fans and newcomers alike can experience the classic horror tale remastered with modern voice performances; as well as the original recordings from 2001.  Producer Devin Shatsky and I have been striving to make…

Guy Cihi’s update about meeting with Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky

As you may remember, last week or so, Guy, Dave and Monica met Tomm and Devin from Konami, in order to discuss more stuff about the upcoming Silent Hill: HD Collection, specially regarding the return of the original voices. Today, Guy Cihi posted an update about that same meeting, check it out.

Best choice for SH2 HD Voices!

Noisy Hill is a funny parody about Silent Hill, with original speeches based on the real ones and with new noisy voices. There’s no other video that fits better the situation Silent Hill HD Collection is living!