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Silent Hills images

Here are a few official images released on Silent Hills official website

Silent Hills – The playable Teaser

No need to say anything… You just need to know that Silent Hill is coming back and Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus are in it. Here’s the teaser for Silent… Continue reading

Konami asked Hideo Kojima to do the next Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima, best known as the creator of the Metal Gear Solid, recently said that the president of Konami has asked him to make the next Silent Hill game, specially after Kojima said… Continue reading

Hideo Kojima wants to make a Silent Hill game

Could the well known Hideo Kojima take the reins of Silent Hill? Here’s what he had to say about the series: “It would be a scary game if we make Silent Hill game… Continue reading